Oliver Antić


Oliver B. Antic, PhD, was born and educated in Belgrade, Serbia. Received his Master of Laws in 1978 and a Doctorate in 1983, both from University of Belgrade Law School.

Oliver B. Antic, PhD, has been teaching at the University of Belgrade Law School since 1975, when he was admitted as an Adjunct faculty member (docent/1984-1990; associate professor/1990-1996). In 1996, he received tenure and has been a law professor ever since.

1987-1988, after receiving a Fulbright stipend, he was a visiting professor at University of  Michigan Law School.


Other positions held:


-          President for the State Commission on Inheritance Law Reform;

-          Member of the Commission on Contract Law;

-          Vice-President of Bar Exam Commission;

-          Chair of Civil Law Department at East Sarajevo University Law School;

-          Member of Education and Editing board at Kopaonik School of Natural Law – jus naturals

-          Member of the Commission on Civil Code of Serbia;

-          Dean of Belgrade University Law School 1998-2000;

-          Director for the Institute for Comparative law 1997-2001;

-          Adviser to the President of the Republic of Serbia 2012-  ;

-          Chief Legal Adviser to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia 2012-  ; Ambassador 2013 

-          High Representative of the Republic of Serbia in the Standing Joint Committee on succession of Former Yugoslavia 2012-



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Published Articles (selected):


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