International Master in Taxation – info for interested potential candidates

All those interested in applying for the International Master in Taxation program which is jointly organized by the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Economics of the University of Belgrade are invited to join us on Tuesday 2 July starting from 18:00 at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law, seminar 217, for an info session with Prof. Dr. Svetislav Kostić from the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law.

International Master in Taxation (IMT) is a unique, multidisciplinary English language master program, organized jointly by the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Law and the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Belgrade. This program represents a unique opportunity for those who are set to develop their professional careers in the field of taxation, as well as in financial and legal advisory, since it provides students with both a legal and an economic perspective of the tax phenomena, by combining a modern academic framework and set of skills in law, economics, finance and accounting. IMT is available both to students who hold bachelor degree with 180 ECTS and to those with 240 ECTS earn at the bachelor level.

In order to provide students with state-of-the-art mix of competences, the program is delivered by renowned professors from both of these faculties, as well as by distinguished academics from abroad, while the top practitioners from consulting and law firms provide students with insight into contemporary practice.

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